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the hypermoder Brouwerij Huyghe

The hypermodern brewery hall (krones) of brouwerij huyghe has a capacity of 350,000 hectolitres and has:

  • five brew kettles including a mash tun of raw grains (78hl), a mash tun for malt (142hl), a buffer tank (189hl), a cooker (224hl) and a whirlpool (202hl).
  • the latest filtration technology in the brewing hall (meura junior2001)
  • an extremely efficient bottling line 18,000 per hour (krones)
  • a tunnel pasteurisation machine
  • industrial automation (procat)
  • electric cabling and lighting (francis tytgat)

Brouwerij huyghe also has:

  • 4 bright beer tanks of 600 hectolitres
  • 12 cylindro-conical fermentation and lagering tanks, each 950 hectolitres
  • an automatic cip (cleaning in place)
  • an automatic yeast propagator
  • high-efficiency cooling compressors
  • solar panels that provide 20% of the energy consumed
  • a yeast and sugar dosage in the line
  • new water wells (reduce use of mains water)
  • insulated steam boilers and steam pipes
  • air-cooled co2 heaters in the compressor room
  • 2 sugar tanks
  • 2 blowers on the wastewater purification plant
  • water purification via membrane filtration