Brouwerij Huyghe
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Brewery Huyghe :

A Belgian independent family brewery founded in 1654 with a strong ambition of becoming the most sustainable brewery in the country.

Brewery Huyghe aims to produce the finest Belgian beers as sustainably as possible and market them worldwide.

This underscores the focus on sustainability in the brewery’s operational management. As a family business where the general manager is also the owner, this ambition primarily reflects Alain De Laet’s vision, which determines the direction the company is heading. On several occasions in recent years, he has publicly voiced his intention of turning Brewery Huyghe into Belgium’s greenest brewery. This ambition was largely inspired by the birth of his son. It gave him the motivation to bequeath to his successor a brewery that is competitive and part of a better world, one where the environment is no longer polluted.

The board of directors has also anchored this commitment in an environmental policy statement.



Brewery Huyghe is fully aware of its responsibility towards society and the environment in general. Producing in a way that respects the environment, the safety and well-being of its staff and the general public is key to the brewery’s operations. Brewery Huyghe aims to do business in a sustainable way. Brewery Huyghe is an environmentally conscious company with an eye for sustainable entrepreneurship. Each new investment or technological change is first assessed for its environmental impact. In concrete terms, this means that we always specifically determine how to minimise any harmful effects on people, the environment and the surroundings. Quality care and the use of Best Available Techniques (BAT) are also a constant concern. In production, optimal use is made of green energy and energy recovery. Not so much because energy is a key component of the cost of a bottle of Delirium but because it is a matter of corporate social responsibility. We point out that during their work and in accordance with the law, all employees are personally responsible for their own health, safety and welfare and any harmful effects of their work on others. Everyone must therefore work in a responsible manner, follow the instructions provided in company manuals and work together constructively in order to ensure safety and care for the environment. Any problems, accidents, shortcomings and/or calamities must be reported immediately and will give rise to corrective and/or preventive measures. Employees will act in an environment-friendly way at all times. Brewery Huyghe guarantees that, where necessary, employees are trained and motivated to be able to put this policy into practice in their day-to-day activities. All employees must contribute to the reduction of waste and energy consumption by adopting environmentally friendly work methods.


Environmental objectives :

  • Reduce waste and, where possible, reuse or recycle materials
  • Reduce energy consumption through sensible energy management with regard to buildings, machines, means of transport and processes
  • Prevent or reduce air, water and land pollution where possible
  • Promote sustainable work methods among all employees - Consult with customers and suppliers to promote environmentally friendly processes and to foster the correct use and disposal of materials used in the business operations

Alain De Laet, Managing Director