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16 November 2021


Melle, November 15, 2021 – It is starting to become an evidence – in every beer competition in which Huyghe participates, the brewery almost always wins some medals. And that was no different at the International Beer Challenge (IBC) and European Beer Star (EBS). The latest harvest is certainly not bad: a total of 8 medals, of which 1 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze. 

At the 25th anniversary edition of the IBC – one of the most renowned beer competitions in the world – Huyghe won 6 medals: there were silver medals for Sint-Idesbald Amber, la Guillotine, Averbode, Delirium Argentum and Delirium Tremens. And Delirium Red won a bronze medal in the Flavored Beers category. 

The competition at the European Beer Star was also fierce: 130 international jury members were presented no fewer than 2395 beers from 44 countries. But still the quality of the Huyghe beers stood out: in the Belgian-style Tripel category, Delirium Tremens won a gold medal, in the Belgian-style Blond Ale category, St Idesbald Blond won a silver medal. 

Earlier this year Huyghe also won 5 medals at the World Beer Awards. Huyghe and international beer competitions, it seems like a match made in heaven. Alain De Laet, CEO of the brewery, is satisfied with the results, but at the same time adds some nuance: “It may seem obvious that we win prizes at international competitions year after year, but that is not the case. After all, competition continues to increase, all over the world, including in less obvious countries such as Mexico, Vietnam and the Philippines. The quality of the beers from those emerging markets is clearly on the rise, but the results at the beer competitions prove that we still have a headstart on them. Which obviously makes us very proud.”